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The Most Common Questions We Get from Our Clients

Choose your city, desired service and appointment date and time. Then your stylist(s) arrives at your home, office or hotel with everything needed to create your perfect look!

Just let us know the time, place and service(s) you are interested in. We accept all major credit cards and payment is due at time of booking.

It is recommended to book as soon as your date is confirmed to ensure availability.

Makeup: Please make sure your face is completely clean and free of any product when your artists arrive.

Hair: If your appointment is for a blowout, make sure your hair is washed and damp when your stylist arrives. If your appointment is for a dry style, have your hair washed and dry. We recommend washing your hair the day before for best results.

Typically it takes about 45-60 minutes per person.

Hair & Makeup trials are an important part of achieving your desired look for your wedding day. This is a time for you to meet your artists, define your style, and begin to envision what you will look like on your special day.

Bring photo ideas so your stylist can make your vision a reality! Have no idea what you want? That’s fine too! Our talented team is here to help you every step of the way!

It is highly recommended that you book both the trial and wedding at the same time, because there is no guarantee that the artist will be available for your wedding if booked separately.

Depending on the services booked, there will be one hair and one makeup artist arriving.

With larger groups or time restraints we will accommodate with more stylists.

As early as 5 am to 11 pm For booking requests outside of normal business hours.

Please contact us directly so we can coordinate the time that best suits you!

All of our stylist use professional grade products. If you have an allergy or other concerns, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us so we can make sure you’re booking goes exactly as planned.

We understand that things may come up. If you cancel 3 or more days before your appointment, the remaining balance will not be charged.

If you cancel within 48 hours or less, you will be charged the full remaining balance.

SoPlush Pros have extensive experience with celebrities and high profile clients. They would be perfect for Red carpet events, Print, film, weddings and much more. You can view them as being Master Stylists that have extensive experience with high profile clients.

Plush Pros are experts that have been in the industry for multiple years and are highly skilled. They would be perfect for proms, date nights, birthday parties, work events and practically any other event you’d like to achieve a desired look for.

Our stylists from each tier are licensed & trained to maintain high standards for sanitation & professionalism to ensure the best possible experience.

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