Beauticians On Demand

Whether you're on 3rd, Lexington, or Broadway you can find a plethora of elegant salons and day spas. There is no lack of upscale salons in the city that you can choose from, as long as you don't mind how far out you have to schedule to get in. With on demand beauty services, you can get any hair care you need right in your home. You say when and where and they are there. SoPlush has a crew of beauty pros to take care of you.

On Site Beauty Services for or Any Occasion

No matter what the occasion you have to look your best for, SoPlush can have you looking smashing in no time and it can be done where you need your hair and/or beauty pro to be they will be. You may have just found out you have a last-minute meeting with a potential client and the window of opportunity is today only because they have to fly out and won't be back for weeks. You threw your hair in a bun this morning because it was "one of those days". Fret not. SoPlush can come right to your office and you can continue to work while they get your hair right for that meeting and you can walk in head held high and full of confidence and secure that account before the day is up.

Maybe you just have a girl's night out and want to look your best. It doesn't matter if the occasion is casual or it's a black-tie event, your hair pro can give you the do that is right for the event/venue you are planning to attend.

The Advantages of Mobile Hair Services

The advantages of having a stylist who will come to you when and where you need are invaluable for most ladies. I think all of us have taken a risk of going to a different hair salon than our regular because we had to have our hair done for an important event and the best stylist who knows your hair is booked out for two solid weeks with no openings for any walk-ins. So you go to a new salon that can get you in, and your hair is cut far too short and the style completely transformed into something you hate. All this can be avoided by having a crew of hair pros you trust who will come to you when you need them and you don't have to take part in the risky business of going to a hair salon you know nothing about that had inflated prices solely because of location, not the quality of service.

Blow-Outs & Blow Drying On Demand

If you have never had a blow-out, chances are you know someone who has. A blow-out is not just getting your hair blown dry after a shampoo. Getting a blow-dry and then a style after using tools other than the blow dryer is still a blow-dry. When the dryer is used to meticulously form a style, you have gotten a blow out.

Blow-Outs with Styling

The process of a blow out consists of lifting your wet hair off your scalp one section at a time in order to keep the natural oils of your hair from having an adverse effect on your hair and it's style. The goal is to go a little longer between washes without the hair getting oily. This method will last two or three days. Another goal is to maintain healthy hair by putting less heat and chemicals on it. Thermal brushes are the pathway to beautiful silky smooth hair. The round brush can be used to dry, straighten, and style the hair. By doing so you have eliminated two sources of heat (curling iron and straight iron).

Up-do Beauty Services

There are many events and venues you may attend that you would really like an updo to make a statement for you when you walk in the door, but you know you can't commute to your regular spot, get the do, and commute back home and get ready without compromising your hairstyle that you just invested a lot of time, hassle, and money into getting. This is why you call an on-site hair pro to come to your home and flip and whip up that updo for you and can even bring a beauty pro along to get your face glam ready and all that's left for you to do is to slip into that special outfit you have for the evening. Whether it's a black-tie event, maybe a young beauty headed to prom, or special date night you can make the process of beauty easier on your buying allowing SoPlush to come to you on-site and provide the services you need.

Hair Braiding Beauticians Available Now

There is a multitude of braiding styles out there that are hitting the lists of trendy. Everyone has seen the classic french braid or the dutch braid from when they were younger. Some girls have need to get their hair braided for sporting events and if that's the case, you can have a pro come to you and give you a sleek and smooth braid that will hold your hair back while you display your athleticism. That's the basics. There are lemonade braids, tribal braids, and many other styles in between and sometimes it can take a few hours to do some of these styles. A lot of women opt to be able to be at home and comfortable to get their hair braided.

Clip-Ins for Extension Appointments

Clip-in extensions are a way that a person can achieve a longer and fuller more voluminous hairstyle without and gluing or sewing. There's no pain and no damage to the natural hair. The hair can be perfectly matched to blend with your existing mane to give you a new look, maybe even with highlights. The extensions come in wefts that will vary in size and length. They are clipped in place in a way that they are practically impossible to see unless someone touches your hair.

Wedding or Bridal beauticians

The absolute best way to spend the morning of your wedding is with your entire party getting pampered. You can have a crew of pros come right to the church for hair and makeup, and then all that's left is for the lot of you to slip into your beautiful dresses so that the special lady can walk down the aisle. It's also a special time if both the bride and the groom's mothers are included in the pampering.

Two Tiers of Beauty

SoPlush has two tiers of service. The more basic services are known as services that are on the Plush tier. The premium services are known as SoPlush services. At SoPlush we value our clientele. For a limited time, you will receive a complimentary touch-up kit with every SoPlush Beauty Pro booking!

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A blowout will give you the smoothest and most voluminous finish. Our pros blowout technique of lifting each section of hair from scalp down to the tips keeps the natural hair oils and lengthens the lifespan of your service.

Blowout With Style
Complete your blowout with bombshell beach waves, retro glam, or a sleek & straight look.

Braided Style
French braids, cornrows, fishtail braids, dutch braids, and upside down braids. Alternative braid styles may be done upon request.

Whether you would like your hair beautifully swept up, pulled back in a low bun, or elegantly twisted to the side, our stylists will assure it is gorgeous and pinned securely.

Clip Ins
Clip in extensions are a fun way to experiment with volume and length or even a pop of color. We will style them to go perfectly with your hair style. *Client must provide clip-in extensions (Human hair extensions only, as synthetic hair will melt with hot tools).