Why Visit A Hair Salon?

Why Visit a Hair or Beauty Salon in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, or Salt Lake City?

Have you ever wanted to get your hair done, or needed it for an important occasion and because your schedule is so ridiculously busy, you can't get in for an appointment during the time your hair salon is open. Your free hours and their hours of operation just don't jive. Ever. You could try to squeeze an appointment in here and there but this would require you to sacrifice another thing on the itinerary of your day.

This is where SoPlush of New York City comes in and saves the day with on demand magic. The hair pro heroines will come to you on demand and onsite to provide you with elite-level pampering, a mastery level hairdo, and a fresh face of beauty if you opt to have one of SoPlush's MUA's to make you absolutely glow for whatever occasion you are preparing for.

What is a Mobile hairstylist?

The definition of an on the go, on demand hairdresser is a stylist that comes to your house to provide all the services you would receive in the beauty salon. Some women even opt to have their hair whipped up and sleeked down in their office before a huge presentation. It doesn't matter where you are, SoPlush will come to you onsite wherever you may be. The crew of hair pros at SoPlush have all the same training and expertise as the qualified providers of hair care and flair as the talented pros who work in a brick and mortar salon. The same way your pro cleans up after providing service to a client, the same will happen in your home. There will be no traces of her presence other than the incredible head-turning hairstyle she gave you.

Some of the services offered include (but are not limited to):

  • blow-outs
  • updo
  • braiding
  • clip-ins extensions

Why Visit a Salon Nearby When We Fit Your Schedule?

A Hair Pro That Comes To You Saves You Time

No matter if you are a busy stay-at-home Mom, the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, an insurance agent, or a full-time student. We can all agree that there just never seems to be enough time in every 24 hours we are given to do everything that needs to be done.

Think about all the ways you will save time by having a pro come to you such as:

  • Commute/traffic time to and from the beauty salon
  • Treasure hunting for a parking space
  • Wait time for your seat to open up
  • Waiting for the assistant to give you a shampoo

The biggest plus: the crew of hair pros at SoPlush have extremely flexible hours and will be able to accommodate your schedule most of the time.

Mobile Hair Pros Offer You a Private and Comfortable Experience.

You can go to the most elegant and high-end salon that has every amenity but it still will feel like a salon. If you're in your own abode you will feel much more relaxed in your own space. Privacy is wonderful when you're in your office or home. You control the conversation. You control the music, or maybe you don't want any music. You are completely in control.

No Need To Drive

A lot of senior citizens have their hair dresser come to them, but it's not just the aging that utilizes the service. If you're recovering from a physical injury or illness, you have a condition that keeps you from being able to drive safely, or you simply don't have reliable transportation

Personal Hair Pro on the Go Makes Your Memorable Events Smoother

Everything from weddings to Proms to Homecoming, and Quinceneras or Sweet 16 soirees; these are all occasions when having a SoPlush hair pro on the go come to you and get everybody picture perfect ready. Maybe you're getting ready for an intimate dinner to celebrate your anniversary, or you and your girls are going out to paint the town pink. Your hair pro on the go will get you ready.

Work While Your Hair Is Getting Done

You can have your hair pro come to your office so that you can handle phone calls, answering emails, sending and answering text messages while she provides your hair service.

On-Demand Hair Services/Styling VS Booking a Salon Appointment

If you call your brick and mortar hair pro and get in immediately, there are no traffic jams en route to the beauty salon and when you get there, you pass your stylist's previous client leaving out when you are on your way in therefore you get right in the chair when you get there. You just experienced a Unicorn moment. You heard about it happening but no one ever really had it happen themselves. With the On-demand services, a hair pro can get to you at the location you pick to work wonders with your hair at the time you have chosen for it to be done.

On-Site Hair Stylists & Makeup Pros for Your Wedding, Bridal Party in Manhattan, NYC

When your big day comes there are enough hustle and bustle and stressful influences. Why try to coordinate getting everyone to a brick and mortar salon when SoPlush can send a crew of makeup artists and hair pros to get all the ladies looking lovely for the big moment. If you contact SoPlush, we can go over your budget and figure out how many stylists and makeup artists you want on-site for the preparations. This all eliminates trips that have to be coordinated to get back and forth to the hair salon for all the ladies. Lowered frustration and happier faces.

SoPlush Service Tiers and a Show of Gratitude

SoPlush has two tiers that its services fall into. The first tier is the affordably priced basic services. This tier is called the Plush tier while all of the premium services that are offered fall into the category of the SoPlush tier. At SoPlush we realize you choose us to trust with the health and beauty of your hair and we want to show you how much we value you. When you book a SoPlush Beauty Pro you will get a complimentary touch-up kit. We truly care about our clientele and the health of their hair. Once you experience the professional manner and convenient service in your own home you may never book another hair salon appointment again in your lifetime. You deserve the best and SoPlush can give you just that.

Need to Book an Appointment?

Shop All SoPlush Bookable Hair & Makeup Packages

A blowout will give you the smoothest and most voluminous finish. Our pros blowout technique of lifting each section of hair from scalp down to the tips keeps the natural hair oils and lengthens the lifespan of your service.

Blowout With Style
Complete your blowout with bombshell beach waves, retro glam, or a sleek & straight look.

Braided Style
French braids, cornrows, fishtail braids, dutch braids, and upside down braids. Alternative braid styles may be done upon request.

Whether you would like your hair beautifully swept up, pulled back in a low bun, or elegantly twisted to the side, our stylists will assure it is gorgeous and pinned securely.

Clip Ins
Clip in extensions are a fun way to experiment with volume and length or even a pop of color. We will style them to go perfectly with your hair style. *Client must provide clip-in extensions (Human hair extensions only, as synthetic hair will melt with hot tools).